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SEXUAL frustration (or sexual weakness) at men is a disease which, as well as many other illnesses, arises on a background of organic changes or the psychogenic factor, for example long stay in a stressful situation. Illness can develop gradually, being shown in the beginning rare "failures" and can "come like a bolt from the blue": yesterday could, and today - is not present. Each concrete case proceeds differently, and the reasons of occurrence of a problem are rather various.

The most widespread reason are vascular diseases, such as hypertonic disease or the disease of heart. Then diseases, which treat by the preparations, which destroy erection (diuretics, insulin, N- blockers, and tranquilizers) .All these preparations, contribute to the appearance of the so-called pharmacological impotence. And certainly, the most serious risk factor of development of sexual frustration is the psychogenic factor.

Naturally, it is complicated to describe in detail all sides of the problem, but most men, who have similar problems, should be known the main thing :sexual disorders, the disease, is today cured.

The Company exists since 1994. We deal with treating patients who suffer from erectile disorder & from perony decease.

We treat those patients by using new effective method for treating erectile dysfunctions that were developed by An elite pharma scientists in our Development Centers.

Contrary to other known methods that are accompanying by side effects like cavernous fibrosis, priapism, hepatoxicity of the drug, tachycardia, orthostatic hypotension and more, the new method has the ability of significantly reducing the risk of suffering from side effects. Our developers found the way of using more effectively the positive properties of each component. The company runs 2 Medical Centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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